Flat Roof Repair

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Flat roof repair made simple in Southern Indiana, Louisville and Cincinnati

Single Roof Leak

  • Usually located in one area of building 
  • Leak just appeared or has not been leaking long
  • Flat roof otherwise function properly
  • Flat roof still has service life remaining 

    7 out of 10 of our service calls are repairs that can be found and fixed relatively easily and inexpensively. These leaks are generally located in one area of the building have usually not been leaking very long. Leaks like these will appear on properly installed and maintained flat roofs only after something has happen. It may be cut, tear, or puncture from debris on the roof, it may be because a caulking or sealant has failed around a flashing, the leak may even have been caused by HVAC maintenance or other roof top work. A skilled flat roof tech will be able to find and fix most of these leaks with stock materials on their truck the first time out. The repair method will include the use of the correct sealants that are compatible with your type of flat roof and/or minor patch work with either glues or hot air welder. 

Estimate Flat roof repairs to cost in the range of $200 -$400  (this type of flat roof repair service is often the quickest way to have roof fixed)

 Multiple Roof Leaks 

  • Leaks in several locations in building
  • Multiple leaks have developed over time
  • Aging flat roof system and unknown condition
  • No longer under warranty from original installer

   Flat roofs that have developed multiple leaks over time can be repaired but the roof will need to be evaluated first. A repair estimate can then be generated based off the roof evaluation and other factors including:

  • How many more years the owners need flat roof to last 
  • Plans to keep or sell the building
  • Age and condition of existing roof 
  • Comparison of repair cost vs. replacement cost

Estimate a written roof Evaluation including pictures and repair cost to be in the $100 -$250 range depending on the size of the building or buildings in question. The inspection cost will be waived if you move forward with repairs. 

 Mystery Roof Leaks 

  • Long term on and off leaks
  • Many repairs attempts have been made by different commercial roofing contractors
  • Reason for leak unclear
  • Some level of investigation require to understand why leak persist

      Mystery leaks are leaks in flat roofs that have evaded the repair attempts of multiple commercial roofing contractors. They aren't as common as you may think but they do happen. Mystery leaks can take several trips to understand and find which increases the cost of the repair and the frustration of the owner. These leaks often occur when water is traveling and appearing inside the building far from the place it entered the flat roofing. Water can travel through conduit, down the pan of metal decking, along purling and struts in metal buildings, through duct work, and through masonry walls. Many mystery leaks are a result of condensation and not leaks at all. 

Expect to be billed hourly on a least a few different occasions. It may be necessary to wait until it rains before the next repair


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