New Standing Seam Metal & Box Gutters

Snap Lock Panels

138 T Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: New Standing Seam with Box Gutters 
  • Location: Madison Indiana
  • Type of Project:
    • New Standing Seam Metal Roof
    • Snap  Lock Panels
    • Box Gutter Repair
  •        Description of Work: On this standing seam job we used a 1 3/4" snap lock panel. We roll formed the metal right on site for a custom fit and fabricated all the trims in our sheet metal shop. What makes this job unique is how we also did the box gutter liner. We use a weldable PVC metal to make a special S cleat. This gives us the cleat to hook our standing seam into then we can line the box gutter with PVC roofing membrane and permanently weld it to the weldable metal S cleat making a 20 yr plus water tight seal on the box gutter and new standing seam roof.

Old Standing Seam metal roof removed

Standing Seam Metal Roof removal

Standing Seam metal roof snap lock panels

Custom trims for standing seam metal roofs

standing seam metal roof with box gutters



Standing Seam Metal Roof Guide

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