New Chateau Green Shingles

Switzerland County

   This historic home in Vevay, Indiana is very unique and recognizable. When it came time for the roofing to be replaced, the homeowner wanted to find a company that had expertise for working on older and more challenging roofing projects and also wanted new gutters. Working on historic homes and buildings is not the same as working on modern or new construction projects. Thats why the homeowner chose Exterior Pro. They have the background and experience working on historic structures and could also put new seamless gutters on the house.

Residential Shingle Roof Shingle Roof Repair


Getting started


  The home had 2 layers of old shingles that needed to come off and it had a few areas that needed new plywood. Each day our crew would start tearing off a section of old roofing before lunch, then they would work on putting that section back on in the afternoon while a few guys were busy cleaning up the debris and putting it in the dumpster. 

The roofing and gutter project progressed nicely day by day. The final step was to make new chimney flashings and new step flashings along the walls and radius section of the home. The new green roof shingles look great and the new 6” gutters are doing their job.

Shingle Roof installation

Shingle Roof Install