Royer Corporation Recover

Madison, IN

Flat Roof Repair!

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: Royer Corp. 2019
  • Location: Madison, IN
  • Type of Project:
    • Flat Roof Repair
    • Flat Roof Recover
    • PVC Membrane Installation
    • Commercial Roofing
    • Boxed Guttering
  • Description of Work: To begin the recover, we first installed the new layer of roofing insulation as a separation board for the new roof. After screwing down each panel, the guys rolled out large sheets of the new 50 mm PVC membrane, secured, and welded them down completing the flat roof recover. Regarding the building's guttering, our team installed new 7'' Box Gutters with 4" x 6" downspouts! For the full overview, be sure to watch the video below!


  Flat Roof Recover Full Project Overview- Madison

  Flat Roof Repair Royer- Madison

  Flat Roof PVC Membrane Installation Setup-Madison  PVC Membrane Installation Recover-Madison

  Flat Roof Recover PVC Membrane- Madison  Flat Roof  Repair PVC Membrane Installation- Madison

  Flat Roof Repair Rubber Roof Overview-Madison

  Flat Roof Repair PVC Membrane Progress- Madison