Popeye's Flat Roof Renovations

Salem, IN

Round Two with New Popeye's Location!

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: Popeye's Salem
  • Location: Salem, TN
  • Type of Project:
    • Duro-Last Roof Repair
    • Flat Roof Installation
    • Parapet Walls
    • Rhino-bond Roofing
  • Description of Work: For this Popeye's job, our team gets to work on the flat roof of this restaurants renovation! Using our newly acquired Exterior Pro Roofing crane, the guys have a much easier time moving the rolls of PVC membrane and other materials safely onto the roof. The next steps in the installation was laying out new layers of roofing insulation and then rolling out the membrane, followed by welding the sheets down properly. After applying the membrane to the roof's walls, all that is left to install is the new coping!


  Flat Roof Repair Membrane Installation Materials- Salem

  Flat Roof Repair Exterior Pro Crane- Salem

  Flat Roof Metal Coping Installation- Salem Flat Roof Repair Metal Coping Installation- Salem

  Flat Roof PVC Membrane Installation Overview- Salem


  Flat Roof PVC Membrane Welding- Salem