Popeye's New Flat Roof

Seymour, IN

New Restaurant Chain Joins In!

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: Popeye's Seymour
  • Location: Seymour, IN
  • Type of Project:
    • Duro-Last Roof Repair
    • Flat Roof Installation
    • Parapet Walls
    • Roof Vents
    • Rhino-bond Roofing
  • Description of Work: Exterior Pro is branching out and acquiring new customers! This time, it's the well known restaurant chain, Popeye's! Similar to previous cases, they were interested in a new flat roof membrane to recover the roof floor and walls! After applying Rhino Bond sealing, the restaurant roof was ready to go!

  Flat Roof Parapet Walls Installation- Seymour

  Fresh Coping Installation Overview-Seymour  Fresh Coping Installation Overview Angle 2-Seymour

  Fresh Coping Installation Overview Angle 3-Seymour  Fresh Coping Installation Overview Angle 4-Seymour

  Duro-Last Flat Roof Installation-Seymour

  Flat Roof Installation New Coping-Seymour