Point of Grace Pentecostal Church

Commercial Metal Roof Replacement

 The metal roof that covered the Point of Grace church located at US-421 in Madison, Indiana had been patched, caulked and repaired multiple times throughout the church’s life span, but it still leaked. In fact, the churches metal roof had leaked almost from day one when the congregation move into the new building over 15 years ago. Pastor Adam Faulkner knew something had to be done. The metal roof leaks were increasing and drops of water were very distracting during church service, not to mention the water damage it was causing. 

Pastor Adam reached out to Exterior Pro roofing looking for advice about how to best stop the metal roof leaks while not breaking the church’s budget. 


 Indiana Commerical Flat Roof Repair  Indiana Duro Last flat roof repair

Metal Roof Recover 

 As soon as the guys from Exterior Pro saw the roof they knew what to suggest, a metal roof recover. Exterior Pro

explained to the pastor and one of his board members that there are really only three metal roof repair options:

1. Caulk and use roof coatings to seal suspect areas, like seams in the metal and the screws. This option is the least expensive route. However, this is not a permanent fix to the problem.

2. Cover the entire metal roof with a white PVC membrane, better known as a metal roof recover. The metal roof re-cover is a mid-level priced option and it is also permanent and allows the options of a 2 year or 15 year warranty. This option also allows the least amount of disruption for church services.

3. Remove the old metal roofing and install new metal roofing. This option is a permanent fix, but it is also the most expensive and the most disruptive. 

The church, under Pastor Adam’s leadership, could easily see why Exterior Pro suggested the metal roof recover and decided it was the best approach for the least amount of disruption and the most cost effective for the church’s budget. 

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Getting to work 

 The job itself went smooth and easy due to Exterior Pro’s skilled team and experience with recovering metal roofs. The installation was laid between the ribs of the existing metal and then covered with another layer of insulation to foster out the surface. The crew then installed the white PVC roofing membrane right on top of the old metal. 

Indiana Commercial Flat Roof Repair Duro-Last PVC membrane Installation IndianaIndiana Commerical Duro-Last Installation Point of Grace flat roof repair

 New commercial gutters 

As a charitable donation, Exterior Pro fabricated and installed new 7" commercial gutters and downspouts. The church was very thankful and appreciated the improved appearance and drainage capabilities. Another successful metal roof repair and very happy congregation. 

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