Flat Roof Repair and New Facade

For The Indianapolis Outback Steak House

Recently, the outback steak house in Avon located in the greater Indianapolis area went through an exterior remodel to up grade facade. The re-model included the addition of a covered entrance - waiting area, new stone facing on the front and side entry ways, new metal roof awnings over the windows, new exterior paint and color scheme, and flat roof repair of existing roof as well as new flat roof on the new canopy. 


Exterior Pro Awarded Roofing Project

The scope of work for Exterior Pro on this project include installing new tapered roof insulation on the canopy so water flows to drains, a new 60 mil Duro Last Roofing membrane, and new coping cap that was primed and paint ready. The metal roofing scope included repairs to existing metal roof awning and the addition of new metal roofing over top of windows on the side of the restaurant. 

The existing flat roof remained but Exterior Pro made new roof tie -ins to water proof the new wall constructed as a part of the new facade. 




Great News

The Project went well without hang ups or delays and the outback stayed open throughout the entire process.