Dairy Queen Gets A New Roof

A Duro Last Re-Cover

The Jeffersonville Indiana Dairy Queen’s Flat roof had just reached the end of it’s 15 year warranty and the stores owners had planned the re-roofing project to happen in conjunction with other building upgrades include a new stone chimney, metal wall panels and coping caps.

Jeffersonville_DQ New Flat Roof

They needed a Flat roof system that is as hard working as they are,  and that’s why they choose Duro- Last.

Exterior Pro Roofing was called to prepare budget numbers for the up coming project that was to happen some months later. The existing roof was evaluated and measured. Even though the flat roof had been exposed to heavy foot traffic and had been repaired several times in the past, the roof insulation was not wet and the wood deck below was intact and structural sound.

This roof was a perfect candidate for a lay over or re cover with the Duro Last roofing Membrane. 

By doing a re-cover with the single ply membrane Duro Last, Exterior Pro roofing was able to cut the project cost by over 50% and keep the Dairy queen Fully operation during the entire process. The savings even allowed for an additional 1/2 lay of roofing insulation to be installed on the building. 


Setting up the Flat Roof Project 

The Day before work began a foreman and crew leader from Exterior Pro staged the new roofing material and insulation on top of the Dairy queen in preparation for the arrival of the rest of the crew. 

DQ_new_Duro_Last_RoofWith the material already in place the 4 man crew show up ready to work. They quickly and efficiently installed the new roof insulation and began laying our the PVC membrane. It wasn't long before the entire top section of the building was covered. The next step was to get three men hanging Duro Last on the parapet walls while one detailed crew member began installing curb and stack flashings with a hot air welder. Exterior Pro ordered pre-manufactured accessories which saved time and effort on the roof. It allows the commercial roofing company to start and finish large sections of flat roofing in a single day to ensure the building is always protected from surprise rain. 


New Metal Coping to Finish Off the Look 

The newly remodeled Dairy Queen was starting to take shape.  The only thing that the new metal wall panels and the new stone chimney needed along with the rest of the building was new coping cap. Exterior Pro had completed the membrane phase of work in just 3 days and had the 4th day for sheet metal trims, chimney cap, and coping cap. The new metal trims were measured and fabricated to fit making their installation quick and easy. 

The Roofing project turned our great and the owners are thrilled to have a new flat roof the will last.