Removing Shingles, Re-lining Area

Box Gutter Repair on Girls Inc. Building

The Southern Indiana Jefferson county chapter of Girls Inc. is committed to teach the local young ladies to be strong, smart, and bold. They help young girls with homework, teach them about staying safe in the world, the girls learn arts and crafts, and even how to cook oatmeal and other seasonal dishes!

Its program and offices are located in a large historical building in down town Madison so when leaking box gutter - leaking flat roof threatened the health and safety of the girls at  the center the director new something had to be done quickly. That’s when they called Exterior Pro Roofing in to diagnose the problem and propose a solution. 


Our top box gutter repair crew leader at Exterior Pro Named Greg had this to say after he preformed  a free evaluation of the box gutters. “ it’s a pretty standard fix, we see this situation all the time especially in down town areas like this. Its like a small flat roof leading into a box gutter on the front of the buildings. All we need to do is to remove a few rows of shingles and re-line the entire area then replace the shingles and they’ll be good to go. 





Lining the Box gutters 

Greg and his crew have done many jobs just like this on historic homes and buildings throughout southern Indiana and he knew exactly where to start. Greg estimated this job to take two days even though the building is 40 ' in height.  One day to line the box gutters and the second day to install the accessories like the new metal trims and the new drain flashings. 


Text Book repair

The job went exactly as planned and the box gutters were leak free after the first day of work. The new trims added to the appearance of the historic building and the director of Girls Inc. could now focus on teach young girls values and life skills instead of worrying  about a  leaking flat roof — box gutter and the safety hazard it posed.