IKE Powerplant

Madison, IN

Rubber Roof Repair for IKE Powerplant in Madison

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: IKE Powerplant
  • Location: Madison, Indiana
  • Type of Project:
    • Rubber Patching
    • Splice Wash
  • Description of WorkExterior Pro gets hired on to repair multiple leaks in IKE's rubber roof through the use of Splice Wash and Firestone Patching.

  Rubber Roof Damage 2 Repair-IKE.jpg

 Rubber Roof Damage 4 Repair- IKE.jpg  Rubber Roof Damage Repair-IKE.jpg

  Rubber Roof Damage 3 Repair-IKE.jpg

  Rubber Roof Repair Supplies- IKE.jpg

  Rubber Roof Repairs Progress- IKE.jpg

  Rubber Roof Repair Header Overview- IKE.jpg