Farmers Bank of Milton

New Duro-Last Roofing System

The Farmers Bank of Milton main branch is located 40 miles north east of Louisville and sit right on the Ohio River in the small town of Milton. The iconic bank has a mansard roof line cover in patina color copper standing seam which surrounds multiple levels of flat roof that represent the multiple times the bank has expanded operation and added on. 

The growing bank’s two other branches in Carrollton KY and the other across the river in Madison Indiana both have their servers housed at the main facility in Milton. So when leaks in the flat roof threaten the electronics room the Banks facility manager reached out to Exterior Pro roofing of Madison Indiana to trouble shoot and repair the flat roof. 


Hail Damage Found

The existing flat roof on the bank was a white Duro- Last membrane. Exterior Pro Roofing is a dealer / Installer of Duro Last roofing products and was very familiar with the roof. The repair crew quickly began to find fractures cracks in the membrane from Hail. Over the next 6 hours a two man repair crew crawl and found over 50 hail fracture in the Duro Last membrane that were allowing water to seep into the building. The flat roof was temporally repaired to stop leaks until the insurance adjust and engineering firm could visit site. 

milton_bank_Duro_Last_repairA roof repair tech from Exterior Pro meet with both the insurance adjuster and engineer to represent the banks interest and to determine which past hail event had caused the damage to the flat roof. Once the necessary paper work was filed the flat roof was ready to be replaced. 

Custom sized sheets of Duro Last were ordered for each section of the bank along with different length and type of screws. More recently constructed areas of the bank had been built with more modern roof insulation over a metal deck while the original main lobby area was a concrete deck and had tar and gravel roof on it. 

Keeping the Bank operational 


Throughout the re-roofing process the bank had to remain fully functional. This included maintaining a debris and trash free job site at all times, keeping noise to a minimum, loading and unloading of material and debris either before bank opened or after it had closed, and rotating the disconnection of the HVAC units so that the bank cold stay cool inside. 


Exterior Pro adjusted working hours and roofing activities around the banks needs during the entire 5 day installation.


Farmers_Bank_Duro_Last_RoofThe new Duro Last membrane was installed and the existing copper trims were carefully removed and reset so that the appearance of the mansard facade looked exactly as it did. New tapered roof insulation was installed to better direct water to the new drain flashing Exterior Pro installed. The entire termination bar was installed and topped off with Duro Last roof sealant. The job was ready for final inspection. The roof was inspected by a Kentucky Duro Last quality assurance tech and the warranty was issued. Now the iconic Farmers Bank of Milton can continue serving its Ohio valley customers leak free.