Duro Last Roofing

Duro Last Roofing AEP Substation :Muncie, Indiana

AEP power company is constructing a new substation in Muncie Indiana to better serve its customers. The two building complex will house high voltage lines and other electrical equipment.  Because of the proximity to homes in the local neighborhood, AEP has gone the extra mile to make the steel buildings blend in better. One of those ways was to recover the metal with a membrane roof that resembles a shingle roof. This type of roofing membrane is made by Duro Last and Exterior Pro is a Duro Last installer in Indiana. 


Metal Roof Retrofit Duro Last Shingle Print

The shingle print membrane was used in the metal roof recover process giving the commercial building a more residential feel. Exteiro pro Aslo installed customer snow guards on the roof to prevent sliding snow and ice. The Duro last roof installation went well took just 3 days to complete each building.

Snow Guards Exterior Pro Roofing