Delta Flat Roof Repair

Greensburg, IN

Preparations for a new Scrubbing Base!

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: Delta Holes Repair
  • Location: Greensburg, IN
  • Type of Project:
    • Flat Roof Repair
    • Flashing Curb Repair
    • Duro-Last Membrane Repair
  • Description of Work: We cut 8 holes on the steel deck for the steel support for a new scrubbing base that is currently being installed onto the roof at Delta Faucets, a manufacturing company located in Greensburg, IN.

  Metal beams Flat Roof Repair and Remodel-Delta.jpg

  Flat Roof Duro-Last Repair-Delta.jpg Flat Roof Repair and Remodel-Delta.jpg

  Duro-Last Membrane Repair Remodel-Delta.jpg Duro-last Roof Repair Progress-Delta.jpg

  Flat Roof Repair Welding-Delta.jpg