Delta Faucets Metal Roof & Skylight Repair

Greensburg, IN

Expanding Metal Roof Repairs

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: Delta Faucet
  • Location: Greensburg, Indiana
  • Type of Project:
    • PVC Metal Roof Recover
    • New 1/2" Roofing Insulation
    • EPS Flute Filler Installation
    • Skylight Repair
  •       Size of Project: 14,000 sq ft.
  • Description of WorkOver in Greensburg, Indiana, Delta Faucet wished to continue expanding on the previous metal roof repair. So using the same 40 mil. PVC membrane, and 1/2" insulation, Exterior Pro Roofing installed a flat roof recover to prevent any further leaks within those expanded sections of the building, as well around the skylights in the area.

  Metal Roof Repair Angle 2- Delta.jpg

  Flat Roof Recover Commercial Guttering Repair-Delta.jpg

 Metal Roof Repair Flat Roof Welding- Delta-669126-edited.jpg  Flat Roof Recover Commercial Gutters-Delta.jpg

  Metal Roof Repair Flat Roof Recover-Delta.jpg