Dairy Queen

Milton, KY

Gutter and Fascia Repair after Truck Accident

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: Dairy Queen
  • Location: Milton, KY
  • Type of Project:
    • Metal Fascia Repair
    • Custom Metal Fascia
    • Commercial Gutter Repair
  • Description of Work: A large truck had run into the commercial guttering on a section of the building. Exterior Pro Roofing was able to fabricate the new pice of commercial gutter and install it no problem.

   Commercial Guttering and Fascia Repair-DQ Milton.jpg 

  Commercial Guttering and Fascia Installation- DQ Milton.jpg  Metal Fascia and Guttering Repair- DQ Milton.jpg

  Metal Fascia and Commercial Gutter Repair Complete- DQ Milton-228357-edited.jpg  Metal Fascia Repair Complete- DQ Milton.jpg

  Metal Fascia Repair CloseUp- DQ Milton-363407-edited.jpg