Circle K Coping and New Roof

Westfield, Indiana

Circle-K Custom Coping & Flat Roof Installation

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: Circle K
  • Location: Westfield, IN
  • Type of Project:
    • PVC Flat Roof Installation 
    • New Metal Coping
    • Flashing and metal drip edge installation
  • Size of Project: 10,146 sq. ft.
  • Description of WorkExterior Pro Roofing installed a tan membrane, coping, flashing, and even a roof hatch for the main Circle K building in Westfield, Indiana.

Custom Coping Flat Roof Rhinobond Prep-Westfield.jpg Rhinobond Custom Coping Flat Roof-Westfield.jpg

Flat Roof Rhinobond Prep-Westfield.jpg  Custom Coping Flat Roof Welding- Westfield.jpg

 Flat Roof Rhinobond Prep-Circle K.jpg

Rhinobond Membrane Flat Roof- Westfield.jpg Flat Roof Membrane Walker Welder- Westfield.jpg

Custom Coping Construction- Circle K.jpg  Custom Coping Installation- Westfield.jpg

 Custom Coping Commercial Installation- Westfield 2.jpg

 Flat Roof Custom Coping Finished-Westfield.jpg