Arby's Renovation

Indianapolis, IN

Unique Flat Roof Construction and Renovation!

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: Arby's Indi Vincent Rd
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
  • Type of Project:
    • Flat Roof Installation
    • Flat Roof PVC Membrane
    • Metal Coping Installation
    • Parapet Wall Construction
    • Slope Guttering
  • Description of Work: One more Arby's for the list! This Arby's was located up in Indianapolis, IN along Vincent Rd. and had a bit more going on than your usual renovation! Along with the full flat roof installation, much of the building's walls were needing to be built up as well as unique sections of the roof itself! The unique slope guttering system also required flat roof membrane work as well!

  Flat Roof Renovation and Construction Overview- Indianapolis

  Flat Roof Construction Commercial-Indianapolis  Flat Roof Construction Progress- Indianapolis

  Coping and Parapet Wall Construction- Indianapolis-1  Flat Roof Renovation Construction-Indianapolis

  Slope Gutter Membrane Repair- Indianapolis  MEtal Coping Preparation Parapet Walls- Indianapolis

  Flat Roof Recover Welding