Absac Flat Roof Repair

Carrolton, KY

A Full Flat Roof Retro-fit for Carrolton Manufacturer!

Project At A Glance

  • Job Name: Absac/Stacktight
  • Location: Carrolton ,KY
  • Type of Project:
    • Flat Roof Repair
    • Rhino Bond Membrane
    • Roof Drains
    • Roof Insulation
    • Commercial Guttering
  •        Job Size: 27,000 sq. ft.
  • Description of Work: The flat roof leaks on Carrolton, KY based manufacturer,
    Absac, had gotten so bad that the maintenance department put up tarps to collect water
    coming into building. The existing tar-and-gravel roof had reached the end of its service life and
    could no longer keep the building dry. Leaks were primarily concentrated around the roof drains on the
    27,000 sq. ft. roof-top.
  • The plant manager reached out to Exterior Pro for a solution that not only fit their operating
    budget, but allowed them to continue operations during the repairs. (Which of course was no problem for our team!) Exterior Pro proposed doing recover using a 50 mil PVC membrane on the majority of
    the roof where the existing insulation was dry.
  • However, during the tear off and removal of the area around the roof drains, the existing roof insulation was found to be saturated with moisture! This needed to be replaced as well.
  • The hard working crew at Exterior Pro made quick work of the project and was able to complete the job in 7 working days. They worked on the roof drains and installed tapered roof insulation between the drains to avoid standing water and to direct rain to the drains faster.

  Flat Roof Repair Overview- Absac

  Flat Roof Repair DuroLast Repair- Absac

  Flat Roof Repair DuroLast- Absac  Flat Roof Repair DuroLast Flat Roof- Absac

  Duro-Last Flat Roof Repair-Absac

  Flat Roof Repair Retrofit Roof Drain Welding- Absac  Flat Roof Repair Roof Drain Welding- Absac

  Flat Roof Repair Duro Last Repair Complete  Flat Roof Repair Duro Last Repair- Absac

  Flat Roof Repair Duro Last Repair Finish