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Box Gutters

The Complete Guide

Leaking box gutters? Look no further


Dealing with a home or commercial property box gutter leak can be a big hassle if you don’t know the source of the leak, its extent or what kind of costs that professional repairs will require. 

At Exterior Pro Roofing, we know box gutters inside and out, and make this knowledge accessible so our customers know exactly what they need to do to fix their gutters for the fairest cost. In this complete guide on box gutters of all shapes and sizes, you’ll learn all you need to know about gutter maintenance and repair. This includes:

  • Common indicators of a box gutter leak, as well as probable causes for the leak based on situation (water behind box gutters, flowing over box gutters, etc.)
  • Pros and cons of using different materials to restore damaged box gutters. Is it more effective to use quick peel-and-seal solutions in a pinch, or to install long-lasting PVC membranes?
  • How to budget for box gutter repairs on your commercial property, and the various factors that can influence your repair costs

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The Complete Guide to Box Gutters